TCG Salon | Pricing
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Reduce Hair Loss by 53%


…with Aveda’s new INVATI ADVANCED.

Ask us how this system CLINICALLY PROVEN to reduce hair loss due to breakage by 53% after 12 weeks of use and INSTANTLY Thickens hair can work for YOU!

Please Note: Pricing is dependent on level of stylist, texture, and density of hair. Prices listed are the starting price for each service.
Please contact us at 407-427-0454 for a more accurate quote.

Revitalize Your Hair

Reverse damage and strengthen hair with a restorative botanical treatment.

Combat Curls & Frizz

Achieve that silky smooth hair you’ve always dreamed of with a Smoothing/Retexturizing Treatment.

Lash Lift

Finally Flaunt Your Luscious Lashes

Color Services
Botanical Treatments
Smoothing Treatments
Split End Treatments
Baby Doll Lash Lift
Brow Reshaping with Tint
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