TCG Salon | Why Aveda?
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Aveda Salons and Spas are founded on the common mission of caring for you and caring for our world around us. Aveda salon/spa teams are trained to serve your every need and expertly care for you from scalp to soul. During your time with us, you’ll enjoy Aveda Rituals that will relax and transport you, such as:


♥  A cup of AVEDA Comforting Tea™


♥ Stress-relieving scalp, neck and shoulder massage


♥ Pure flower essence aromas to enliven the senses


♥ Warm, aromatic towels


♥ Luxurious hand massage


Aveda salon professionals are kept up to date on the latest trends and techniques to transform your look with styles inspired by the fashion runways from around the world. Aveda professionals understand how to listen to your needs and provide you with a thorough consultation so you can be comfortable and confident during your salon experience.


Our full line of Aveda hair care products allows you to re-create your salon look at home. Made with organic and natural pure flower and plant ingredients, these products are proven to have powerful results, all while protecting and preserving our environment.